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Business administration is quite a wide field incorporating different categories of management positions. Starting from independent businesses to major corporations, every operation requires skilled administrators for great success. Generally, organized and motivated personalities thrive in businesses where the environments tend to be high-powered. Business administration entails the management, administrative and performance functions of several business operations. There are companies with multiple personnel and departments and these generally fall in the category of business administration.

Business Administration Careers

The Fields Encompassed by Business Administration

Business administration can encompass the following fields:

•    Finance: Finance department of a company manages both outgoing and incoming money. This can be anything from companies such as Bad Credit Loans Center to managing large banks.

•    Economics: The work of an economist of monitoring and predicting economic trends. Jobs ranging from CFPB to Amazon.

•    Human Resources: The human resource department of a company helps in managing human capital as well as benefits. HR is a huge field with a very wide range of jobs.

•    Marketing: Marketing department of a company develops several campaigns for bringing in customers and for improving brand awareness. Almost every company has a marketing budget so this is a position employers want to fill with fresh talent.

•    Advertising: Advertising department of a company looks out for the ways of promoting the products and the services of a business or the entire business itself. Similar to marketing; advertising is a competitive niche where business want fresh minds and talent.

What are the Certifications and the Educational requirements for Pursuing Business Administration Careers?

Getting an associate degree in business is important for getting entry level positions in this field.  If you get a Bachelor’s degree then it will help you in advancing your knowledge with the skills of managing people, strategic planning and organizational leadership. A bachelor’s degree will also qualify you for different types of business roles.

There are people who also think of earning Master’s degree in Business Administration which is known as MBA. This is an advanced and a highly respected degree indicating the commitment of an individual to lead in this field. Obtaining this degree requires around one or two years.

Top executives in this field are required to complete a specific certification program from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. This will get them the Certified Manager credential. Students willing to become a Certified Manager or CM need to meet the experience and the education requirements and they are also required to pass three important exams.

Certification is not mandatory but it can show the leadership skills and management competency of an individual. This can give job seekers advancement and competitive edge over the others. You might also be required to earn additional certifications depending on the business field that you enter.

Careers in Business Administration

Career options in the field of business administration are largely dependent on the educational level and various other qualifications of an individual. There are different types of jobs that might be open for an individual in this field and some popular options have been provided below:


Industries include payroll accounting, tax preparation, financial accounting, bookkeeping services, government accounting, insurance accounting and accounting management.

Advertising Executive

Advertising managers and executives are required to create, organize and manage advertising campaigns for different types of businesses that offer a particular service or a product.

Business Manager

Both large and small companies employ business managers and people looking to pursue a career as business manager have opportunities available at almost all the levels of management. This starts from department supervisor to serving as operations management.

Finance Officer

Finance officers are employed by businesses that need to deal with outgoing or incoming money on a regular basis. The positions can vary from management to the entry level.

Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers are employed by the Government on a very wide scale. The largest percentage of people earning a degree in Management or those with an MBA degree, work as Government human resources manager. Positions are available even in company manufacturing, management, technical and professional services, social service agencies and health care fields.

Management Analyst

Management analysts are generally self-employed. Approximately 20% management analysts work for large or small consulting firms. They can also be employed in insurance, finance and government industries.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists are employed by each and every business industry. They can also be employed at civic organizations, research firms, government agencies and academic institutions.