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The growth prospects of human resource careers would be around 11% till 2016. The average salary of a human resource professional annually is around $33,750. Human resource professionals are people who undertake various activities in an organization like identifying the right people and recruiting them for their respective organization. They also implement various policies which help the employee and safeguard their basic rights. Compensation packages are also defined by them at various levels. A HR professional can work on many areas of HR and few of them have been explained below.

Human Resources CareersRecruitment Division

One of the challenging areas for a HR professional is working in the recruitment department of a company. The recruiter when recruiting an employee should follow the basic hiring policies of the company and also prevent any discrimination from occurring which could be based on religion or caste. Here the recruiter or the hiring managers would write and publish job advertisements in various job portals. They would also undertake the entire end to end recruitment cycle on their own. This cycle would begin with screening of the resumes and end with the on boarding of the selected company.

Compensation and Benefits-Professional

Many seasoned HR professionals play an important role in ensuring that the employee of a company receives its compensation at the right time. Here they also look into various benefits of an employee like medical insurance, life insurance and disability coverage for short periods. In fact they encourage the employees to become aware of their benefits and claim them periodically. A senior HR professional would also undertake various surveys regarding salary mapping as per industry standards, negotiate with various professionals regarding their salary when they are being interviewed and also do competition salary mapping. Here the job titles could be that of a Human Resource analyst, Compensation and Benefit Manager and Reward Manager.

Health and safety Officials

When an employee works in a company, the company is responsible for its safety and it should also have good working environment. HR professionals can also work as Health and Safety Officials in a company. Here the HR professional would develop programs which ensure that the employees are safe and do not suffer from any injuries in the office. Guidelines ordered by Federal organizations have to be implemented and in case an accident does occur, then the procedures for compensation should be followed. The various designation which an HR professional might hold here are as a Safety Manager, and Program Coordinator for Employee-Wellness.

Labor and Welfare Relations Officer

In a factory the role of a Labor Relation Officer is very important. Here the person would develop various projects where the labors would be included and negotiate the labor working rates also. These HR officers also monitor the performance level of a labor and find out factors which are hindering their performances. In case there is a problem between the employee and the employer, the Labor Welfare Officer would act as a mediator and hold discussions, which would mitigate the problem in a defined manner. Other designations which they might hold in this area are as Representatives of Employee Relations and Manager of Employee Relations.

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