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Every country is run by a government which formulates specific governmental policies to ensure that the country and its various systems is running smoothly. This implementation of governmental policies is undertaken by people who work in the field of public administration. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has defined public administrators as people undertaking various Public Administration Careers like developing the budget of a government department, analyzing the various data pertaining to it, implementation and drafting various policies of the government and also setting the various guidelines for public safety.

Public Administration CareersWhat are the main skills needed?

When undertaking a career in the field of public administration you have to understand whether you are up to it. Certain special features are:

•    High stressed and competitive- When you are working in CIA or FBI, you have to understand that you are always on call and work in a high stress environment. Also competition is very acute and there is no scope for an average performer.

•    Interact and manage people- Certain careers in public administration would need you to implement the various governmental policies into various programs. Here you would need to have good people skills and thus enjoy interacting with a variety of people in different levels of society. This could start from the grass roots level and go up to prominent administrators of society.

•    Become leaders- When you are a public administrator, you have to guide people in various capacities. Here you have to take strong initiatives for the good of the people. By doing this you are developing your leadership qualities.  In fact many seasoned politicians in USA were very good public administrators.

Career Opportunities in the field of Public Administration

1.    New Analyst- Today media plays an important role in our daily life. There are various media companies who hire News Analyst. The main objective of this analyst is to understand the various governmental policies, analyze them and provide the correct insight to the general public. The News Analyst would need to have a good knowledge in various aspects of public administration theories and thus they can interpret it well.

2.     Helping in local governmental organizations- A student of public administration can undertake various administration jobs in the local government like that of a  City-Director, Director in charge of Urban Planning, Police-Commissioner and as a Director In-charge of the Local Community. The main objective of a public administrator is to plan a budget, implement the policies and also review whether the programs are beneficial for the community people.

3.    Experts in Federal-Offices- Many experts in public administration work in various federal organizations like the CIA, UNO Representatives and as Director In-charge of Transportation. These professional handle programs at a national level and also monitor the national security of a company and issue various policies necessary to keep the country safe and secure.  Some of them also represent the country in international organization like the UNO.

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