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One of the most popular major subjects in American Universities at graduation and post graduation level is business administration. The secret behind this popularity lies in the fact that the business administration subject prepares its student for various diverse Business Administration Careers in the field of management, consulting, marketing and sales promotions and human resources. When you are planning to enter this field, you have to understand that you would need to understand the hierarchy of any business organization and offer solutions which would solve problems which the organization faces on a daily basis.

Business Administration CareersWhat are the different career options available?

Opportunity to work as a consultant

When doing your business administration course, you learn many facts related to business and how you can use various data to help the company. These details can be offered to a company when you work as a consultant in finance or sales domain. The job responsibility of a consultant is to understand the business model of the company and evaluate various solutions, which would help the company grow in a positive manner. A consultant should be able to study the various business environment of a company and then publish reports which would improve the performance of the company. These reports could be reports which are manually represented or presented using software’s.

Evolve as an advertising and marketing professional

Along with your business administration course, do you have excellent oral and verbal communications skill? Then you can join in the field of advertising and marketing. Today the greatest asset of a company is its customers. Thus as a advertising professional you would need to understand the core customer segments of the company and develop an advertising campaign targeted to that specific segment. The campaign can be launched in various types of media. But the main objective here would be to create awareness. When you become a marketing professional, you would devise marketing programs which would make the customer invest in the various products of the company. Here with your financial knowledge you would develop marketing and sales budget annually and also monitor the results of each programs implemented.

Exploring career opportunities in the field of management

When you are looking to develop a career in the field of management then, you would need to have natural leadership skills and also enjoy effective networking and communication skills. As a management professional your main objective would be to understand the various business models and analyze how it effects the daily operations of the company. Here you would also need to understand the availability of resources which can be used to offer solutions in an effective way. One of the most challenging jobs that you would undertake is setting up comfortable working environment for the company and set the guidelines for office decorum.

As a HR professional

Business administration careers as a HR professional is very engaging in nature. Here you would need to interact with various people at different levels in the company and recruit professionals for them using various tools available. If there is a conflict of interest among employees, you as a HR would have to take a call as per company guidelines.

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