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United States Census Bureau has undertaken studies which indicate that around six million American students annually complete their business management degrees and then enjoy a full time job. Most of the jobs are in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and hospital domain. If you are looking to undertake a business degree but also continue with your full time job, here are a few universities that you could look into.

Online Business Management DegreeNortheastern-University

In the College of Professional-Studies at Northeastern-University, online business management courses are provided. Here a student learns about the various skills he needs to develop, study regarding the various business organizational and management procedures in detail. Here a student would be trained to give professional business communications, learn about the basics of business law and understand various subjects like project handling, international business, employment and the fundamental elements of Information Technology. The course is accredited by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business and the duration to complete is 18months only.

University of Alabama, Birmingham

The Collat School of Business is under University of Alabama. The online course is a Bachelors program in Management. Two tracts are offered here. The first is in General Management and here the student learns about advanced topics in finance management, leadership, business and society and various operational procedures. On the other hand the HR Management tract teaches about various laws about employment, compensation, employee administration and behavioral management. This course has been judged as one of the best courses in USA and has accreditation from Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

CSU or Colorado-State University

The Online Business Management Degree equips a student to undertake the role of an executive in a large company. The course teaches the following students like basic principles of management, finance, marketing, statistics and internal business. This course is a Bachelor program and few things that you would learn are how to apply principles of leadership, analyzing business data, basics of management, how to design and manage information Systems and principles of economics. It is one of the popular business management courses which is studied by both professionals and students alike.

Champlain- College

The online business management degree of Champlain- College is very popular among professional in healthcare, business analyst and human resources. The course is offered seven days a week and is a Bachelor program. One of the beneficial features of this online course is the PATH e program. Using this program a student can add his other educational and work experiences (including military work experience). The course has the subject like strategic marketing, corporate finance, allocation and acquisition of resources and basics of finance management and accounting. A student studying this course learns about how to develop a small business unit, manage retail, undertake market research and apply the principles of operation and human resources management. Additionally you would understand about strategy management and innovation management.

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